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Water Extraction

Drying Out Homes & Businesses Throughout the Southeast

Stop water damage in its tracks with powerful, quick, & thorough water extraction.

Few fixtures in modern homes and businesses are designed to survive a soaking. From the wood in your floors to the insulation in your walls, most construction materials are rated for dry working conditions. So when a burst pipe, year-old leak, freak storm, or flash flood soaks your family home or office, the quicker you act, the better. At Renaissance Restoration, we’re standing by to dry you and your property out at the drop of a hat.

Every minute, standing water in your home or business is finding its way through floors, into walls, down through ceilings, and into lower levels to feed mold growth and mildew. Within just 24-48 hours, bacterial growth and mold can bloom to shocking levels. Speed is necessary and time is of the essence. You need a rapid response crew to extract standing water ASAP. Thankfully, Renaissance Restoration is here to help.

We use industrial-grade water extraction units and pumps to pull water from sub-basements and 2nd, 3rd, or 4th stories. Powerful dehumidifiers help us dry the air while we remove every last drop from multi-family properties and single-family homes alike. Don’t wait for things to dry out on their own. Call Renaissance Restoration today and let us dry you out the right way.


Call us for 24/7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration Services in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, & Beyond!

Removing Every Last Drop & All Affected Items

Sheetrock, carpet, flooring, and ceilings may not last long after an unexpected soaking. In addition to removing the standing water itself, the restoration professionals at Renaissance can also remove all affected fixtures so that you’re 100% dry and safe. We work seamlessly with insurance adjusters and home or business owners to make the process as smooth and transparent as possible. Don’t let water damage fester. Call us and get dry today!

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Why Choose Renaissance Restoration?

Emergency Response

We’ll get to you ASAP to stop & repair damage.


We have the trucks, tools, & personnel to help.

Leading Equipment

We make the most of the latest restoration technology & equipment.

Full-Service Restoration

From ruined to ready-to-go, we stay until the job’s done.

Complete Transparency

We’ll keep you in the know constantly with updates, next steps, & more.

Catastrophe Ready

We drive into the heart of the storm to be there for you, always.

Collaborative Spirit

We work with insurance providers & adjusters to smooth the process.

Highly Trained

We have the training & PPE necessary to tackle any hazard.

Service Areas

We save properties in TN, GA, MS, LA, FL, AL, & beyond!

Drying Homes, Businesses, & Communities

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