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Mold Testing

24/7 Emergency Mold Testing in the Southeastern United States

Put a name to your mold & get it removed by the South’s mold remediation experts.

No two molds are alike. With over 120,000 species (and counting), some molds are bound to be more hazardous than others. In any event, there’s no acceptable amount of fungal growth in a home or business. Mold compromises air quality, promotes the spread of bacteria, and endangers healthy adults and those suffering from respiratory ailments alike. In a family home, office, warehouse, or apartment building, mold is a serious concern. But without knowing the type of mold you’re facing, remediation can be a guessing game. This is where Renaissance Restoration comes in.

At Renaissance, we have the diligent, scientifically backed lab testing you need to understand the mold or molds growing in your property. Once we’ve identified the fungal growth, we’ll know exactly how to safely locate and remove every last inch of it.

Some molds require extensive safety precautions and documented cleanup to remove. Others are a matter of simple disinfecting and restoration. Once we know the type of mold you’re dealing with, we’ll be able to custom-build a remediation plan to get you, your family, and your employees safely back to their daily routine with minimal disruption. Call Renaissance Restoration today and put us on the case.


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Transparent, Thorough, & Safe

At Renaissance Restoration, we take mold seriously. We’ve seen firsthand how it spreads and sickens families and workforces throughout the Southeast. That’s why we take every precaution to perform comprehensive mold identification through lab testing. Afterward, we collaborate with you and your insurance adjuster to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. When it comes to mold, don’t guess—know instead by calling Renaissance Restoration today at 1-800-224-5102.

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Emergency Response

We’ll get to you ASAP to stop & repair damage.


We have the trucks, tools, & personnel to help.

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We make the most of the latest restoration technology & equipment.

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From ruined to ready-to-go, we stay until the job’s done.

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We’ll keep you in the know constantly with updates, next steps, & more.

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We drive into the heart of the storm to be there for you, always.

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We work with insurance providers & adjusters to smooth the process.

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We have the training & PPE necessary to tackle any hazard.

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We save properties in TN, GA, MS, LA, FL, AL, & beyond!

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