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Fire Damage & Smoke Damage

Rapid Response Fire Damage Restoration & Deodorization

Don’t just recover after fires break out—thrive instead with Renaissance Restoration.

When we think “fire” we tend to think “flame.” But when a spark in your home or business ignites nearby furniture or fuel, flames are only the tip of the damage. At Renaissance Restoration, we’ve deployed emergency fire damage response teams to repair structures of all kinds. We’ve seen roofs hanging by a thread and whole floors gutted by devastating fires. That experience gives us what we need to repair every last millimeter of fire damage to make you whole again.

Far from just flames alone, fire damage leaves dangerous smoke residue on your walls, ceilings, and in your HVAC vents. Then there’s the odor—a consequence that’s as dangerous as it is uncomfortable. To get back to life and work as you know it, you need an experienced fire damage restoration company to clean, sanitize, and repair every last surface within the affected area. At Renaissance, we have the tools, training, and experience to do just that.

When it comes to restoring structures and ensuring air quality in fire-damaged homes and businesses, trust Renaissance Restoration! We proudly serve residential and commercial property owners throughout the Southeast with the latest equipment and highly-trained personnel to scale to the size of any disaster. Call us today!


Call us for 24/7 Emergency Fire Damage Restoration in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, & Beyond!

Collaborating with You to Clean Soot, Smells, & Singes

Where there’s fire damage, there’s usually water damage too. Fire damage restoration is a complex process, requiring total transparency and expertise across the board. At Renaissance Restoration, we work with you and your insurance adjuster through every step of the process—from post-fire temporary repairs and water extraction to air quality control and restoration. Trust our experience and our commitment to care to get you back up and running ASAP.

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